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Just One Day

Rabie Soubra

Copyright 2012 Rabie Soubra

Smashwords Edition

Just One Day

Chapter One

Ziad and Lara sat quietly in the car as they were heading back home from a dinner function they have just attended. There was silence in the car, except for a faint stream of radio music, slightly audible, seeping through the audio system, and the occasional slush sound that was produced whenever Ziad drove over a puddle on the wet road, as there was a slight drizzle that night.

He felt something of a childish joy every time he drove over a puddle, and he would always get consciously amused at the fact that even now, at 45 years of age, he still felt that boyish joy.

The silence was not heavy, or embarrassing, they were used to it. It was the kind of comfortable silence between good friends.

After 15 years of marriage the topics to discuss were few and far in between. Ziad was not much of a talker to start with.

He always told his wife that he is completely unable to conduct small talk, and that he feels the urge to run away every time he was dragged into an inane conversation, and breathless whenever this kind of conversation carries on for more than five minutes.

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