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Cover design by Douglas Burgett

Table of Contents


A Perfect School?

The Perfect Teacher and Perfect Staff(McGee)

The Perfect Parent (McGee)

The Perfect Principal (McGee)

Service Makes or Breaks the Perfect School (Burgett)

Infuse Character, Build Characters (Burgett)

Perception is Reality (Burgett)

Eliminate the Weakest Link (Burgett)

The Devil is in the Details (Rosborg)

Gathering Data to Help Improve Student Success (Rosborg)

Bridging the Academic Gap (McGee/Rosborg)

Financing Education (Rosborg)

Total Curriculum (Rosborg)




Biographies of the Authors



Does a book with the title of “The Perfect School” need an introduction? If so, one that is mercifully short so you can get to the meat and purpose of its pages…

The first chapter asks “A Perfect School?” and begs the authors to reply. That there are 12 more chapters suggests that their replies are positive!

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