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A Novel by Chad Peery

This is a work of fiction. The events and characters portrayed are imaginary. Their resemblance, if any, to real-life persons, places, or counterparts is entirely coincidental.

Copyright © 2009 by Chad Peery. All rights reserved under International and Pan American copyright conventions. Smashwords edition. Published by Chad Peery.

First Edition

ISBN-13: 978-1442112896

ISBN-10: 1442112891

Library of Congress Control Number: 2009905745

Smoking Jimi

Chapter 1

It was 1999, the year we were supposed to party, the year that should have been my last. It began with a 6 a.m. phone call from the asshat who ripped off my band back in the ‘70’s. Our old manager told me he was dying and begged me to meet him, to “break bread one last time.”

So there I was in a Wendy’s restaurant, sitting across from Mitch Damian, whom I could only describe as a wad of human embarrassment with his fake mustache, blond wig, and gold chains.

“You hearing me, Brad? One million cash! C’mon, you’re killing me here.” Mitch’s cynical leer and off-center jaw gave him the gravitas of a weasel. As if to drive his point home, Mitch bit into his cheeseburger and chewed furiously, glaring at me with the expression of a cannibal.

“Mitch, here’s the deal: I’ve got a photo shoot and I’m a short on time. I’d say have a nice life, but I don’t want to lie.”

Before I could get up to leave, Mitch launched into a weepy rant about how we’d been through so much together and how I should consider all the things a million dollars would buy. My stomach soured. Thanks to him, two important people in my life are no longer alive. I drank some Mountain Dew to quench the anger. Mitch, apparently needing to refuel his bombastic crock, packed his cheeks with a fist-full of fries.

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