By Victoria Scarlett

Copyright 2012 Victoria Scarlett

Smashwords Edition

“Sister Yvette despises Sister Rufina, so she is delighted when she discovers forbidden lingerie in Rufina's room. But before she can report it, Yvette is punished for the sinful garments. She confronts Rufina, accidentally finding another item - a large sparkly dildo hidden under her bed. Yvette immediately comes up with a humiliating revenge, but when the time comes, she may be the one who's taught a lesson in personal space.”


Sister Yvette rubbed her brow, squinting in the bright sunlight and sweating in her black habit. She sat back on her heels and wiped sweat off her face, careful to avoid getting dirt on her cheeks. She tossed the flowery weeds from her hand into a bucket and returned to stabbing the cemetery ground with her trowel, glowering at her punishment in the blistering heat.

The church loomed behind her, its shadow falling on the opposite side of the cemetery where the grounds keeper had already weeded. Yvette pulled and yanked on a particularly stubborn dandelion, nearly falling backwards as it finally gave up. She threw it in the bucket and moved on to the next pesky flower, scowling at its happy, bright yellow face.

Yvette glared at the tall elegant church, swearing that she would never complain about its weak air conditioning ever again. Although, she thought, she couldn’t swear to never again do the thing that sent her to the cemetery on an August afternoon.

It was wrong to hate, but every time she looked at or even thought of Sister Rufina, irrational rage built up inside her. Yvette couldn’t quite explain why; Rufina had never done anything to intentionally hurt her, and they rarely had direct contact outside of dinner. And yet, Yvette had snuck into her room that morning, intending on planting contraband in Rufina’s closet.

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