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Jay Rai’s Kitchen

Traditional Punjabi Dishes

Smashwords Edition

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An Indian household is always a welcoming place for family or friends; it is a place where celebrations and events are always structured around the kitchen. The kitchen where heart warming dishes and tasty chutneys and accompaniments are lovingly created for visiting guests.

Here in the kitchen Jay Rai has put together a collection of her favourite recipes from her trips to the Punjab. Punjabi cooking is full of flavour, spices and a taste of Northern India ingredients like spinach and vegetables. Sweet smelling aromas of chilli and healthy vegetarian and meat dishes.

If you enjoy light healthy heart-warming spicy dishes then Jay Rai’s Kitchen book’s can help you create your favourite dishes.

Jay Rai.


Punjab is a northern state of India and is very popular for its rich food . Punjabi recipe is prepared in delicious gravy and punjabi parathas melted in butter/ ghee. Punjabi dishes is simple, healthy and yet has its own fascination. The famous dishes like matar paneer, dal makhani, parathas, bature, lassi are popular all over India. Following are few gems of punjabi cooking , hope you will like them.

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