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Chapter 1: The New BECS

Chapter 2: Into the Forest

Chapter 3: The Blevins

Chapter 4: Survival Skills

Chapter 5: Fun with Maps

Chapter 6: Our White Cousin

Chapter 7: On Their Own

Chapter 8: Searching

Chapter 9: Sound of the Horn

Chapter 10: Heading Home

Chapter 11: The Test

About the Author

Chapter 1: The New BECS

Dear Ma and Pa,

I just arrived at HQ (that means headquarters for you non-military chipmunk folk) and boy is it interesting. Each of us secret operatives has our own room. You know I never did have a room to myself and now I get one! This room they gave me is HUGE. I get a big twin bed and everything.

I don’t got no window, but then, I didn’t expect to when they told me that all the bedrooms were in the heart of the tree. That’s because we don’t want nobody to break into this here place and know what we’re doin’. A window would be nice, but I can’t complain none.

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