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By Trixie Yale

Copyright 2012 Trixie Yale

Smashwords Edition

Duke Drake Griffin was in a furious state as he stormed away from the room where his wife had labored all night and day with his seventh child. Like the previous six, this get of his was a girl. Drake had the most terrible luck in conceiving. He needed a boy to inherit his lands, and the man could not get a single one!

As he raged down the hallway, his many servants wisely got out of the way. One of those was a young woman; Danielle was her given name. She was a simple maid of about 20 years, and had lived and worked at their manor for about two years. By now, Dani was used to his anger involving his children, and so as Drake passed her she ducked into a room, on the pretense of cleaning it.

She did, in fact, start her usual room routine, and as she did so Dani thought about her employer's state of affairs. Drake got his wife pregnant every year almost, in hopes of getting a male heir. His desperation for that baby boy spilled over into his daily life often. Drake was known to visit fortune tellers whenever he was out, trying to get advice on the best time to lay with his wife. He did that often, even if it wasn't time for her to conceive. The young woman often heard their lovemaking as she went about her daily work. Dani finished the tidying up, and then began dusting. She continued to think about Drake as she did so. Her master often ended up sending out his steward to herbalists in an attempt to increase his chances of a boy, and there were distant rumors that Drake would spend time with the women who sold themselves and trying to get them pregnant too. Less distant and actually true facts were the female servants who told her that they were propositioned by the Duke, and then summarily fired when they turned him down.

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