My name is Anne Smith, and I would like to tell you my story. In my youth, and up ‘til now, I have always attempted to take life at a slow, leisurely pace. My parents didn’t pressure my brothers and sisters or me, for any reason whatsoever, and, as a result, my family got along marvelously. Mom and Dad were the warmest people in the world, but they only requested one thing from us - if we ever felt bothered by anything or anyone, however small, or large the problem, we would consult them. By doing this we not only solved the problem which we had, but also, learnt how to deal with any others we may have had.

When I was little, we didn’t have television to watch or computer games to play, or the internet to entertain ourselves, as we do nowadays. We became creative instead, and invented our own games. Mom and Dad weren’t rich enough to buy us the elaborate games which were fashionable at the time, so, we made up our own games. Some of our old favorites were: small pebbles which we found in the garden became marbles, we built play houses with bread crusts and for the cement to join the pieces, we dabbed the crusts with jam. Other hobbies my brothers and sisters and I also had were helping Mom with the cooking, Dad with his chores around the house, and, finally, competing with each other as to who could achieve the highest grade in their studies. What a thrill it was to receive an A result for something we’d done at school – we always tried to outdo each other in this way, and our Mom and Dad were always amused by us comparing our results!

Childhood swiftly flew by, as it does and soon, I matured into a young adult. It was around this period my mother was preparing me for marriage. When I was twenty years old, I decided it was time for me to marry. While my parents wanted me to be really sure I was doing the right thing, by not marrying at too young an age, I knew in my heart that the time was right for me. The man I married was James Smith, a fellow I met at school and, whose family were close family friends with mine. We had known one another for a long time, and had always had a good relationship. Mom and Dad were very happy with my choice of husband, and gave me their blessing for my marriage. We had a wonderful wedding, and our reception was held in our family backyard. I will never forget my parents, especially my mother, who cried before I left for the honeymoon – it had just started to sink in for her, that I was now married, but these weren’t tears of unhappiness; but of joy for me in my new phase of life.

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