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Corporate Screw

Never Fuck ANYONE At The Office

That had been rule number one five years ago. After promotion number one, that rule had changed to: Co-Workers Are Only Fuckable If They Have A Higher Paying Position Than You Do. It worked better that way for Francesca Delaney. She’d gone from licking and stuffing envelopes in the bowels of the building to being the head secretary to the CEO of the company. His corner office had an outer corner office that was all hers to enjoy, and enjoy she did, smiling sweetly at the other secretaries there when they were forced to bring paperwork to her from their own department heads. The only person higher than her boss was the actual President, and the word was out that his secretary of thirty years had fallen ill and probably wouldn’t be returning. Francesca had been biding her time, waiting for the seventy year old woman to find kick the can. She wanted that job, and she already had the ticket in hand on how to get it.
“Mail!” she called cheerily, giving a small knock on the partially opened door before entering.
Stevens looked up in surprise, but with immediate appreciation when he took in her outfit of choice for the day. Leopard print stilettos went well with her coal black business suit. The front was cut low enough for her double D tits to be on display, but not quite falling out thanks to the new bra she’d gotten over the weekend.
Francesa purposely locked the door before crossing the room slowly, her skirt hitching up to just under her butt when she slid onto the edge of her boss’s desk. His eyes watched her and she just smiled, biting her bottom lips as she slid a stack of mail and paperwork in front of him.
“What about that one?” Stevens asked, his gaze now glued to the tiny white envelope she still held.
Francesa didn’t answer at first, making sure that he watched when she leaned over towards him, tracing the envelope over the shape of her breasts before placing it between her teeth. He was used to the games she liked to play. It didn’t matter that he had a wife and two teenage sons at home. They fucked in his office almost every day, sometimes twice a day when he didn’t have his schedule completely booked. She waited until he took the envelope from her lips, her tongue licking where the paper had been before she spoke.
“That’s your invitation to this weekend’s’re still going right?” Francesca asked, pulling free her hastily pinned bun so that she could toss her long brown locks to one side.
He smiled as his gaze traveled lower, now on her exposed thighs.
“You know I’m going...and you also know my wife is coming this time...”
“I know...” Francesca pretended to pout, but smile inwardly knowing already that her plan would work out perfectly.
“I would love to have you to myself for a whole weekend, but she suspects something. She doesn’t trust me to be away from home this time. So what could I say....”
“It’s fine really... I’m sure you’d rather be fucking her anyway...”
“You know that’s not true...” Stevens interrupted, tugging on her wrist so that she met his gaze.
“I really want to come. I don’t care that you’re with her. I could still help out. You’re always so unorganized, and besides old man Crane has been without a secretary for weeks. He’ll probably need someone to help him too. I could do both!”
She went in for the kill, her breath holding when her boss’s eyes narrowed, jealously flickering across his features.
“I bet you could help us both...”
“Not like that! He’s gotta be...what? Seventy...At least!”
“Yeah Seventy two and stinking fucking rich! I know you Francesca...don’t think...”
“I wouldn’t!”
Francesca shook her head, her lips pursed in annoyance at his insinuation. He was absolutely right. Old man Crane was the President of the company, and he
was filthy rich. He was also right in thinking she had plans to fuck him. This conference was the only place she’d get near enough to even try. She just had to go.
“Maybe if I let you come...I could come to your room instead of you coming to mine...”
“Won’t your wife wonder where you are?”
“When did you start worrying about how my wife felt? You weren’t worried about her yesterday in my car.”
“I just don’t want you to get in trouble...”
“You...” Stevens paused, gripping both of her arms and pulling her across his desk into his lap. “Have already gotten me into more trouble than I want.”
“Really Mr. Stevens?” Francesca smiled now, groaning the word softly as his hands slipped up the inside of her thighs.
She kissed him lightly, her tongue licking his seeking lips, denying him the taste of her for just a moment.
“Don’t do that...” Stevens demanded softly, biting her lower lip so that she had no choice but to open for him.
His hands slipped further up, his fingers pulling at the lacy material of the thong she wore while his tongue claimed her mouth, kissing her hard. She wiggled in his lap, her skirt slipping up around her waist with the help of his hands. He was already hard, his dick pressing into her plump ass cheeks as she ground her bottom down, exciting him further. Their kiss broke, but only long enough for him to maneuver his hand up to the top buttons of her jacket, nimble finger plucking them loose so that her black satin covered mounds were exposed to him.
“Fuck! I never get tired of seeing them,” Stevens moaned, fingers pulling downward on the thin material so that her nipples popped free, hardening instantly.
“You don’t have time for this right now. Meeting with the head of the Docer account in ten minutes...”
“Mmm hmmm...”
He ignored her, tugging at her bra until it was stuck firmly under each breast. She watched as he cupped each mound, lifting her tits so that they were level with his mouth. He was a breasts and ass man; her tits being his favorite. Long, fat, dark chocolate nipples bumped against his cheeks when he buried his face against her chest, his tongue licking around each globe slowly causing her to whimper. She was instantly wet, her fingers sliding past her bunched skirt to find the crotch of her panties soaked with her own juices. He took one nipple in, still squeezing both breasts tightly together as he sucked hard and long. Francesca forgot about watching the clock for a moment, her eyes closing in pleasure as her fingers slipped past the lace of her panties, sinking into juicy folds. He heard the slurping immediately, his mouth feeding greedily on both nipples at once pulling them so that they both stood at attention for him.
“god I wanna fuck you,” Stevens crooned against her tits, his hand finally releasing one of her breast so that his fingers could play in her pussy.
Her legs spread wider when he pinched her lips together between his thumb and middle finger, exposing her clit in a protruding fashion. The sensitive bud was still swollen from their late afternoon fuck in his car yesterday, but that only excited him further, his index finger flicking at the hot pink bud until it too was slick with her juices.
“Five minutes...” Francesca reminded him, rocking her hips so that his dick rubbed fully across her ass.
“I need more than five minutes,” Stevens laughed as her words broke off into a moan, two of his fingers now buried deep in the folds of her sex, stroking her.
Francesca arched her back for him, cupping her breasts and offering him her nipples while he finger fucked her slowly. What he could do with his mouth was a wonder in itself, and she found herself wishing for more time now too. She suddenly wanted those pulling licks to be elsewhere, stroking deep inside the hole that was practically gushing for him now.
It was if he read her mind. One second she was mewling in pleasure from his finger strokes, the next he had lifted her up onto the desk, facing him. A wicked smile played on her lips when his hands clasped her ankles, raising them so that they were over his shoulders. She watched as smooth masculine fingers parted fat pussy lips, his eyes widening with pleasure when he saw the stream of juice dripping from the center. His face was already lowered, tongue dipping gently inside her spread hole when a sharp knock sounded on the door.
“Marshall? Honey are you in there?”
The voice sounded all too familiar to Francesca, but she couldn’t place it until she looked down at a frozen Stevens. Gone was the tell tale lump of his hardened cock against the front of his pants. He jumped up from his chair and pulled her off his desk in one motion.
“I can’t get caught!” he hissed at her, shoving her towards the tiny bar on the far wall of his office.
“What...what am I supposed to do. Make you two drinks?” Francesca snapped as she straightened her clothes, snatching her wrist from her boss’s grasp.
“Hide....please....I’ll get rid of her! I promise!”
“Where am I supposed to hide...on the floor...? Behind the bar....? No.......!”
Francesca shook her head as she caught the pleading look on Steven’s face, her gaze following his to the picture hanging on the wall of his family.
“You fucking owe me big for this! And I better be going to that damn conference!”
“Okay! Okay!” he agreed readily, shooing her behind the bar before pulling his cell phone from his pocket and putting it to his ear.
Francesca watched him cross the room in six easy strides, pretending to talk to someone important while still waving her to her hiding place. He unlocked the door without another backwards glance, and she sunk out of sight, settling on her knees behind the tiny bar.
“Hey Hunni.... Okay Mark.... Yes...Yes I got you. Golf this Saturday....? You know I can’t. I’ve got this conference on Saturday, and the wife is joining with me this time, so we decided to make an entire weekend of it. Get away from the kids ya know? Right! Right! Well listen Mark, she’s standing here right now, so I gotta go, but call me this afternoon, maybe we can do a later round of golf after work. Okay great! See ya!”
Francesca rolled her eyes when she heard Stevens slide the cell phone closed, a huge sigh escaping his mouth as quiet settled in his office.
“Your door was locked...” his wife accused, her tone suspicious.
“My assistant won’t be in until later. It’s hard to get anything done without her here to head off interruptions. I figured if I locked my door, people would think I was out too, and leave me the hell alone for once. I’m already late for my next meeting.”
“Well you can be a little late can’t you?”
“ know I’ve got to get everything in before we leave tomorrow. With my assistant out, I’m struggling today....”
“Well...that’s why I’m here....I....”
Hairs raised on the back of Francesca’s neck at that little pause. She noticed the way his wife’s voice had dropped, her words almost teasingly whiny. Now this Bitch wasn’t trying to....
“Oh wow!” Francesca heard Stevens say, and she was leaning forward, just enough so that she could see past the edge of the bar.
There they stood, facing each other with the door slightly open. His wife was in a simple white cotton wrap dress that hung open -unwrapped. She held either end wide, her body fully naked besides the material hanging from her shoulders. Even from her little hiding spot Francesca could still see that Stevens was instantly hard, his nervousness almost not showing now as he cupped his wife’s titties in his hands and squeezed. A soft little moan escaped his wife’s lips as he kneaded the pale pink buds slowly, his mouth dipping to bite one between his teeth.
He’s going to fuck her while I’m sitting right here!
Francesca fumed inwardly, her hands curling into first as she watched Sheila reached back to shut and lock the office door.
“I’m sorry I’ve been so suspicious baby...let me make up for it?” she pleaded softly, lowering to her knees right now, her hands already working on his belt.
Francesca ducked back as Stevens looked towards the bar, guilt in his expression even though a groan escaped his lips. She waited a few seconds before leaning forward again, jealousy shifting through her as she took in the scene. His cock was already free, bobbing up and down as his wife pulled gently on the tip with her mouth. He seemed to have forgotten that she could blow his cover at any moment, and instead had his hands tangled in the mass of blonde curls on his wife’s head, pulling her face forward so that she took more of him in. Gagging sounds reached Francesca’s ears and she cringed, hating herself for sleeping with him in the first place. She watched as Stevens stroked his wife’s mouth slowly at first, one of his hands wrapping around the base of his dick so that he could shake it roughly, smacking it against her tongue. This seemed to excite Sheila too, spit now drizzling down her chin and into the valley between her breasts, leaving a slick shiny trail on her body that her fingers played in. She was oblivious to the fact that Francesca knelt fuming mad behind the bar, her own pussy throbbing with the ache of wanting a dick inside of her. She watched his wife suck him off, titty fucking him with tiny milky white breasts that could barely be pushed together. No wonder Stevens loved Francesca’s body so much, his wife was working with nothing! Now that the white cotton wrap dress was on the floor, Francesca saw the tale tell stretch marks of child birth etched across the other woman’s stomach. She was a tiny little thing...a waif really, but flabby in all the wrong places. Jiggly hips and an even jigglier tummy was the least flattering. The fact that she looked rail thin and was still so out of shape disgusted Stevens and Francesca knew it. He complained to her all the time how he couldn’t get turned on enough to fuck her anymore, grabbing all that cellulite.
“What’s wrong baby...?” Francesca heard Sheila murmur as she stood, her tiny hands now wrapped around her husband’s shrinking dick, stroking him.
“Nothing...nothing...Come here,” he brushed her off his cock, lifting her up instead so that her legs wrapped around his waist.
Francesca smirked at the saggy ass that mooned her now, Sheila’s back to the bar as Stevens turned slightly, his eyes on Francesca. His wife immediately moaned when her pushed her down on his now semi erect dick, her arms wrapped around his neck holding on. Francesca could see from the droop in his balls that things were only going to get worse, he wasn’t turned on and he was trying for all he was worth to keep what little erection he had. She almost felt sorry for Sheila, watching them together was like watching paint dry. Nothing at all like how he was when he was fucking her.
This was her perfect opportunity for payback. He wouldn’t be fucking her again, even if he begged, and she wanted him to see what he would be losing after the conference. She slid slowly forward, careful not to make any noise as she moved to sit on her bottom, her legs spread wide so that Stevens had a good view. His eyes practically bugged out of his head his gaze snatching back and forth between Francesca’s displayed pussy and his wife’s closed eyes.
“Oh yeah! Fuck me harder!” Sheila moaned, trying to bounce up and down on his suddenly stiffening cock.
“Like that baby! Yeah! Like that!” Stevens murmured, his eyes glued on Francesca’s pussy as she spread the lips wide for him to see the soft pink tissue within.
Unlike his wife, her ass was nice and firm, round cheeks bouncing on the plush carpet as she raised her hips, putting one hand behind her to prop herself up. She ground in the air like this, fingers stroking her protruding clit as she watched his balls tighten and swell into one massive lump. He was turned on just watching her, and Francesca loved the lust that filled his eyes when she rested her bottom back on the floor, her other hand pulling open her jacket so that he breasts spilled free. Her bra was still trapped under each mound, and all it took was the cool air of the office to perk her nipples up to full fatness, the long brown tips glistening when she rubbed juices from her pussy over them.
“Oh fuck! Do that!”
“This?” Sheila asked in confusion, rocking her hips awkwardly from side to side, throwing them both off balance.
Francesca nodded and smiled, pulling on each nipple, rolling and twisting them until both globes took on a deep blush. She was turned on now. Stevens was fully hard and was pumping in and out of his wife’s pussy as if he was actually enjoying it. Long deep strokes, over and over again, Francesca matched his rhythm with her fingers, two and then three of her digits buried past the knuckle, curled and stroking her spot.
“MMmm yeah baby! You know I love that! I love that pussy!” Stevens practically howled, his face flushing red as he struggled to hold his wife up, keep up the stroke and watch Francesca at the same time.
She was close to cuming too. That familiar throb had already started the second her fingers rubbed her spot, and watching Stevens fuck his own wife had begun to turn her own. Francesca stroked her pussy hard now, arching her back so that her breasts jiggled with every stroke. She wanted her boss to see just how hard she was finger fucking herself, and how much he was missing.
The look on his face did it. Regret...Remorse....she didn’t know. Her eyes closed as warm juices squirted from her pussy arcing in the air before landing on the carpet just in front of her spread legs. She pulled her fingers free as the orgam rocketed from deep within her pussy walls, squeezing the lips instead so that the rest of her cream came in a gush spraying the carpet with wetness.
“Holy Fuck! I’m cuming baby! Holy Fuck!”
“You’re cuming?” Sheila opened her eyes in confusion, legs slipping from around his waist as he pulled out of her, pushing her to the floor by her shoulders.
Stevens had made it very clear to Francesca that he didn’t want any more children. He claimed the only time his wife ever tried to sleep with him now was when she was ovulating. She’d taken 40 hard and decided that she wanted another baby.
Francesca opened her eyes enough to watch through the slits as he squirted a thick glob of cum in Sheila’s eyes and across her face. She cried out in surprise and then in anger when he squeezed her cheeks roughly, forcing her mouth open for the last bit of goo shooting from the tip of his dick.
“What the fuck are you doing? What the fuck is wrong with you!” Sheila spat, swiping her hands across her face in disgust.
Francesca almost laughed out loud when Sheila really did begin to cry, stumbling on her knees in a crawl to find her dress. She had been blinded by the wad of cum he’d shot in her eyes and was now wiping furiously at her face while simultaneously trying to pull on the crumpled dress.
“That’s what you wanted....? A good fuck right....?”
Francesca slid back behind the bar as the sound of Stevens face being smacked pierced the chilly office air. She adjusted her clothes while they argued, waiting until she heard his door slam before peaking out from her hiding place again.
“What the fuck do you call that shit? I thought you didn’t fuck your wife anymore? I thought I was the only one for you. You’re just like all the other suits here, thinking only of yourself and fucking whoever you can in the process!” Francesca fumed as she stood, pretending to be more pissed than she really was.
She hadn’t planned on being his secretary after tomorrow anyway, but he’d still disrespected her by fucking his wife right there in front of her. She waited for an answer while he buckled his belt, his face livid when he touched his cheek and realized that his eye was already starting to swell.
“That, my dear was a corporate screw, my wife will always come before you, so go fuck yourself! Stevens spat, finally glancing at her before opening the door to his office.

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