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The Case Of The Invisible Man

Raymond Daley

Copyright 18/3/12 by Raymond Daley

Smashwords Edition

Notational Journal of Doctor James Watson

Entry the first

Lestrade and his men delivered him into my custody today. He had been caught in the middle of a robbery. As nothing had actually been removed from the premises when he was found, I managed to convince Lestrade to release him to me to place under observation. After all, who better than a Doctor to care for him.

Sherlock Holmes.

I hadn't seen him in almost three years now. It was well past midnight when the police carriage delivered him through the gates into this humble establishment. We brought him back to the quiet rooms, in the hope that the familiar surroundings would bring him back to some kind of grounded reality. We had known he was coming, so preparations were made for his arrival. Everything was put back exactly as he would remember it.

He welcomed the warmth of his old white jacket, it brought him great comfort to be wearing such a favoured item again after all that time. As did seeing the familiar sign on the door of old domicile.

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