One Way To Mars 2

Copyright Gary Weston 2012

Smashwords Edition

One Way To Mars 2

Chapter 1

'Okay. Give me a big cheesy smile.'


'Oh, come on, Pal. That won't impress the ladies. Put a little pazzaz into it.'

'Ooooh Eeeeeh! Oooh!'

'Better. Now. Show them how clever you are. Ladies are always attracted to good looking guys who are also smart. And seeing as I struck out on both counts, it explains my total lack of success with women.'

'Eeeh! Eeeh!'

'Yeah, hilarious. And before you say anything, Susan doesn't count.'

Andrew Foreman, tried not to think about Susan Redcliff. He knew she was serving hard labour on Earth's moon for a ten year stretch with the rest of her gang. It had been three months since her arrest on Mars and in the small hours of the Martian night, he thought he could still smell her hair as if she was lying next to him in his bed. If things had only been different...Foreman blocked her out of his mind. There was a job to do.

'Monkley. I want you to pollinate these two apple trees.'

'Oooma, Andy. Monkley done.'

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