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Welcome to the favorite recipes from seventeen authors associated with the TheWritersVineyard.com website. We’re a gathering of published writers from across the globe that share the good, bad, and ugly of creating fiction at the TWV blog. The recipes contained within were either created by the contributor or passed from generation to generation. Each page provides the history behind the recipe and how it connects to the author. We hope you enjoy what we offer and they too become some of your favorite munchies. This cookbook can be copied and distributed for free as long as it remains in its entirety and all association/copyright with the TWV blog, the authors, and their publisher stays with the material.

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Michael Davis (Davisstories.com ) - Romantic suspense and mystery

Jude Johnson (Jude-johnson.com) - Historical fiction and romance

Linda Swift (lindaswift.net) - Contemporary and historical fiction

Jane Toombs (JaneToombs.com) - Paranormal, suspense and romance

Allison Knight (AllisonKnight.com) - Historical, gothic & contemporary romance

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