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Previously in Heaven Bent: Assigned by the Heaven Liberation Front to kill the tyrant Byzantine, movie star Stag Lincoln ends up saving his life instead. The rescue wins him the royal treatment: a day in his honor, a giant parade, and a party at Byzantine's lavish home where all the guests change their faces to look just like Stag's. Sneaking away, Stag meets the mysterious mist creatures who caused Byzantine's close call. The creatures lead him to a secret chamber in the depths of the mansion, where Stag finds a laptop connected to the earthly Internet. But when he searches for more secrets, he trips an alarm, and the chamber's protectors converge on him. Apparently, there are zombies in Heaven, and they're coming after Stag Lincoln...

Leaping out of the desk chair, I turned in a quick circle, trying to pick a direction to run...but there was no good option. The zombie men and women were closing in from all sides. No matter which way I ran, I would have to fight my way through them.

Which maybe wouldn't have seemed so scary if I'd had a weapon of some kind--something other than a laptop or desk chair--and more time to make the most of it.

But these particular zombies were no slow pokes. They moved with a shuffling gait, but it was the fastest shuffling gait I'd ever seen. They'd be on top of me in moments.

The electronic female voice blaring over the P.A. seemed to be egging them on. "Black level breach." It kept repeating the same thing over and over, getting louder and louder. "Sanction omega engaged."

Meanwhile, the tendrils of mist that had led me into harm's way were still hovering above the desk, turning in slow circles. Had this been their plan all along? To get me killed like they'd tried to kill Byzantine?

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