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For Lucy. My muse.


1. An Introduction - Attending Syracuse
2. Give Them A History Lesson - The People & Places Of Syracuse
3. Teach Them To Love The Color Orange. And If They Complain, Remind Them How Much Worse It Could Have Been
4. Make The SU Fight Song Play In Their Crib On Endless Loop
5. Bring Them Up On A Steady Diet Of Oranges And Saltines
6. Get "44" Tattooed On The Back Of His Hand
7. Teach Them To Remember The Past While Appreciating The Present, Even When Eating A Dome Dog
8. Let Them Know Their Hansens From Their Sidat-Singhs From Their Boeheims
9. Never Ever Tell Them About The Greg Robinson Era
10. Teach Them The Numbers That Matter Most
11. Give Them Lots of Brothers And Put Lacrosse Sticks In Their Cribs
12. Make Them Understand The Importance Of Hating People Who Wear Different Color T-Shirts Than You
13. If You're Not Already, Become One Of The Chosen People
14. It's As Simple As Teaching Them The ABCs
15. Hold All Their Birthday Parties At The Varsity
16. Take Then To An SU Bowl Game (Assuming They Ever Go Back To One)
17. Give Them A Top Hat, A Cane, Some Dancing Shoes And Point Them Towards Show Business
18. Make Them Burn Effigies Of Pat Dye In The Backyard
19. Name Them After A Famous Syracuse Athlete Or Personality
20. Force Them To Read Syracuse Blogs, Cause, You Know, These Google Ads Ain't Clicking On Themselves
21. Make The Express Their Favorite Movie. Better yet, Make The Express Their Favorite Book
22. Point Out That, If They Hear A Voice Or See A Talking Head, It Probably Came From SU
23. Stock Their DVD Collection With The “Essentials”
24. Promise Them The Chance To Tell Their Own Stories

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