13 Years in America

One Woman’s Pursuit of the American Dream

By Melanie Steele


This book would not have been possible without the help and support of many wonderful people. First, many thanks to Scott Herrly, who has been by my side for thirteen years. Warm thanks and appreciation also go to Kathryn Steele, Nyah Samson-Paton, Char Waters, and Lindsy O’Brien, who were very helpful in the revision process. I would also like to thank those who supported the book: Cathy Miller, Nowell, Nyah Samson-Paton, Kathryn Steele, Doug Hammond, Doug Steele, Lynn Fighter, David A. Ray, Don & Pat, and Mary L. Vines. Lastly, I would like to recognize my wonderful daughter, who is an unlimited source of inspiration.

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