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She waited until the very last second to step to the side, sweep her leg out and strike out with her fist landing the blow right to his throat. He slammed into the wall behind her, choking and gasping.

Leaning over, she promised him, "If the Master is ever stupid enough to turn you I will happily stake your ass."

She landed a solid kick to his stomach as several strong hands grabbed her and yanked her back. Her arms were yanked behind her back and cuffed. They gagged her and shoved her to the ground. She did her damndest to cause as much pain as she could dish out, but there were too many of them and her vision was dimming as the pain in her head exploded. Just as the knife flashed in front of her she happily blacked out.

Chapter 3

"What the hell is going on?" one of the human males whose name Caine never bothered to learn, demanded.

"They must have been tipped off somehow," a woman who normally jumped anytime he came within ten feet of her, said.

Caine slowly walked the perimeter of the large room. The floor was covered in thick undisturbed dust and broken tiles. He gazed around the room looking for the exits that should have been there, but weren't. The room was a dead end and someone was fucking with them. He had a good idea who that someone was.

"Return to the compound," Caine said, sighing. He really didn't have time for this shit, well he did, but that didn't mean he wanted to waste his night fixing whatever the little asshole fucked up. He had several bags of type AB positive waiting for him in his room and a few books he wouldn't mind reading again. They weren't exciting plans, but they were his and he'd be damned if the little shit was wrecking them.

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