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You Better Run

There was a certain prestige that came with dating the son of the most powerful vampire in the city. The other humans looked up to me. Okay, maybe not all the humans but definitely all of the human girls in my eleventh grade class at Stormbrook High School. Once word had gotten out, thanks to a strategically leaked email, I was thrust to the top of the popularity totem pole. And it was nice to be doted on with the chivalry and charm that only an eighteenth century vamp can bestow on a girl.

I liked Alexander – perhaps I could have loved him someday as well had it not been for the threatening way that he sometimes looked at me, at my neck, with longing such as I’d never seen, let alone felt. There’s an intense allure that creeps inside the better judgment of a woman when a man needs her the way that Alex needed me. It was easy for my youthful mind to believe that he loved me, that he would protect me until the end of time, even from himself.

The sun had just dipped behind the trees on Fourth Avenue and Alex and I were walking hand in hand towards an abandoned storage shed by the old millhouse. There was to be a very rowdy, and very dangerous vampire party there that night which likely wouldn’t really get going for another four or five hours, but Alex wanted to get there early to spend some time alone with me. It always worried me when he wanted us to be alone together and yet, the fear in itself kept me saying yes. I was seventeen and therefore, invincible.

The hinge creaked loudly on the old metal door and it made a rumbling vibrational sound as Alex easily pulled it open. The storage shed was dark inside, being lit only by a number of candles at the far end. It looked much bigger inside than I had imagined, likely forty feet long, maybe more. Aside from a sizable hay stack close to the middle, the shed appeared empty. The scent of the fresh hay became stronger as we approached it. It was an earthy smell, not at all unpleasant, but there was something else in the air too.

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