• Freestyle Brings Loneliness To A Crowded Dance Floor

Maura Johnston

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2012 Maura Johnston

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In 1988 the Miami-based singer Steve B had a minor regional hit—huge in New York and his hometown, modest in other regions—with "Spring Love," a wistful track that floated to the midrange of the Billboard Hot 100. "I can remember the first time we ever met," he sings at the opening of the song. "The sun was shining/ love was gleaming in the air."

Stevie B was a big name in the genre freestyle, a strain of dance music that was popular among teenagers in New York City and the music that inadvertently soundtracked a lot of my Top-40 listening marathons when I was in grade school. Back then, as an eleven year old with boundless energy, I would dance along with the songs, which, thanks to their reappropriation of electro, melded seamlessly into synthpop hits of the time like “Perfect Way.”

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