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  • The Staple Singers’ 1965 Masterpiece

  • Mike McGonigal

  • Feedback Press
    New York, NY

  • 2012 Mike McGonigal

  • Published with permission by Feedback Press
    in the United States of America

  • pop \ päp \ v. to make a short, sharp explosive sound

  • ISBN-13: 978-1-938410-14-7

  • ISBN-10: 1938410149

  • I’m staring at a copy of the Staple Singers’ 1965 LP Freedom Highway. I own a few of them, and if I see it for less than 15 dollars I’ll buy one for a friend. I can’t imagine why this album has been out of print for more than 45 years, especially now that Mavis Staples has performed songs from the record on recent tours, notably the title cut, which is included in her own 2008 release Live: Hope at the Hideout. I’m used to having to search for interesting music, but here we have perhaps the single greatest musical artifact of the Civil Rights Era, at least in the gospel genre, recorded by a million-selling act—and it has to be scrounged from a dusty used record shop?

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