Raif finds himself in competition with his own progenitor for control over his Heir, Brennan, and their collective future. Will he sacrifice his own Heir to have the future with Shayla that he craves or will he sacrifice himself for good of the Plan?


Baldwin hooks you into her world and pulls you along with her characters. You'll think about this book even when you're not reading it. You'll wonder if that was the Plan all along. The only bad thing to say about this book is that it ends, but it's a series book so at least the story will continue.

As a member of RABMAD (Read a Book, Make a Difference, http://www.rabmad.com) a portion of the net proceeds from your purchase will be donated to support serving American troops, American Vets or their families as a thank you for their sacrifice and service that made the freedom to create this book possible.

If you would like to doubly-honor our heroes, please consider GIFTING an additional copy of this book to a deployed American Hero. If you need the name/email address of one to whom to send such a gift, please visit SoldiersAngels.org for more information. They have THOUSANDS of American Heroes on a waiting list for this kind of support.

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