"Cruising for a Bruising"

By, Odette Knightley

Copyright 2012 Odette Knightley ©

Maxwell set his suitcase down while he waited in the queue to wipe the sweat from his brow. His brother Greg gave him a shove and a head nod towards a girl ahead in the line. Max gave an obligatory nod of approval in return to fool his brother into thinking that he agreed she was hot. Greg didn’t know that Max was gay, and he preferred to keep it that way. He did not feel ashamed, but he thrilled in the secrecy of it all.

The line began to move again. They had flown four hours first to get to Las Angeles to embark on their cruise line destined for Cabo, Mexico. Max looked forward to the break from University schoolwork, and a break in his dry spell as well.

"Dude did you check out the chick in the mini skirt? Dibs on that ass!" Greg elbowed Max with a sideways smile.

"Alright man she's all yours." Max's attention turned to the entrance of the ship. The two men checking in the passengers looked exotic. Upon arriving closer he could see that in addition to their names on their tags, they each had the country listed from which they were.

"Jamaica and Belgium?" Max asked as he handed over his tickets. The man from Jamaica smiled wide and looked Max up and down. He and Greg walked aboard. Max looked back to find the Jamaican still eyeing him as he continued onto the ship.

"Let's set our bags in our room and get to the bar so we can get this party started." Max said excitedly as he took in the true potential of this cruise.

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