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“The Wearers”

Margaret Parks

Copyrighted 2012 by Margaret Parks

Smashwords Edition

-Chapter One-

Lavender Linds

Lavender Linds, eighteen years of age, is all of four feet tall sporting bright red short hair, has the brightest green eyes, a smile that will melt your soul, and even though it comes on her very active, curves in all the right places, drop dead body with a temper to match. One day while going through her grandmother's belongings, she came across an amazing craved small wooden box. Lavender opened the box to find a beautiful ring inside. As she picked up the ring to admire it closer, she wondered why she never saw this ring on her grandmother's hand. Like some females, Lavender placed the ring on her middle finger of her left hand. It fit well and looked good on her. Since the ring wasn't hers and she wasn't supposed to be rummaging through her grandmothers things she went to take the ring off to replace it back in the box. But to her dismay the ring would not come off even though it easily slipped on. Even though Lavender did not want to tell her grandmother that she once again was going through her jewelry she had no choice.

"G-ma. G-ma. I messed up.," Lavender yelled as she walked into her grandmother's living room.

"What did you do Laven?", her G-ma asked her when she saw her.

"Well, G-ma, I was going through your jewelry even though I know I didn't ask first. And well, you see I found this small wooden box with this ring inside of it and it was so beautiful I had to try it on. Alright, I didn't have to try it on , it's just its so beautiful.", Lavender said as she showed the ring to her grandmother.

"G-ma, I want to return your ring but it won't come off now."

"Exactly, which wooden box Laven are you referring to hun?"

"The small wooden box with what looks like a crest of some sort engraved on the top."

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