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By: Roosh Vorek

I was 26 years old the first time I stepped out of the United States for a vacation. I chose Italy, an adult Disneyland that gets millions of tourist visits a year. I stumbled on nothing that hadn't already been discovered, didn't fall in love with a beautiful Italian girl, or even make any new friendships, but the trip changed my life. I loved not having to take orders from my boss or answer a phone. I loved spending my days taking photographs and sipping espresso, with no need to know the time. I loved being free.

I didn't want to wait until I was 70 years old in order to experience that feeling for more than just one or two week bursts, so I started to think and plan. I wanted to live anywhere in the world while in my prime, not when I'm old and half dead. It took many years, including some rock bottom moments where I was so broke I couldn't afford buying drinks in a bar, but I did it. I've lived in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Iceland, and Denmark, and now I write this from my home in Poland, a place with a cheap standard of living and women who easily outclass those of my own country. I give thanks every day for being able to live out a dream that seemed impossible seven years ago.

I was lucky. I had a hobby that naturally turned into a business, sustaining me after I decided to quit my job as a microbiologist. I wrote about game, and over the course of several years I built up a readership that urged me to write a book called Bang. It became a success and after several more releases I was able to permanently say goodbye to the corporate lifestyle, of waiting for the weekends, of living in a city that drained my soul with women who didn't make me happy.

There are downsides of being free. There is the loneliness that comes from relocating to a new country where you don't have any friends. There are the language difficulties and cultural shock. There is the financial insecurity of not being certain if your business will stay successful. But chances are you're tired of comfort, the same old, and are ready for a life filled with adventure and new experiences. Whatever downsides my current lifestyle has, it's ten times better than the one I had in Washington DC.

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