Maxine had been waiting tables ever since she dropped out of college. She had never found anything in particular that she was good at, so when her parents told her they didn’t have the money to help her pay for college, she just left. So now she was 22, living at home with her parents and no prospects.

She was working the late shift at the Waffle House when a group of women came in. Maxine could tell they had just come from clubbing; but they also seemed really well to do. Lorna was the definite leader of the group.

Lorna was a 5’7” 160 pound African American woman. Her complexion was the color of mocha java. Later, Maxine learned that Lorna was an attorney. She was pure Diva. Maxine envied her from the moment she sat at her station and clapped her hands together imperiously for service.

It was a very snobbish thing to do and if they had been at any other waitress’s station they would have had spit in each of their water glasses. But Maxine didn’t care. She figured with that much bling at the table; she had hit the jackpot for a good tip that night.

Bring us some coffee honey.” Lorna said when Maxine approached the table.

Yes Ma’am. Cream and Sugar?” Maxine asked.

Lorna looked at Maxine like she just saw her. She smiled at Maxine and it was a predatory look. It scared Maxine and sent a thrill of exhilaration through her at the same time. When Maxine brought the coffee and set it in front of Lorna, she patted Maxine’s ass discretely and brought her closer in for a sideways hug.

So we are going out tomorrow. Why don’t you join us Maxine?” Lorna said pulling at the name tag on Maxine’s lapel like she hadn’t read it and already knew her name.

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