The Last Frontier—Antarctica

By Geoffrey T. Williams

Illustrated Nessa Becker

Copyright 1992 Geoffrey T. Williams – Smashwords Edition

Note to readers:

Like many explorers before him, Jon Michaels kept a journal of his extraordinary travels in Antarctica. In it he recorded the location of each event in longitude and latitude so that he could easily look it up on a world map, globe, or Google EarthTM. You can follow his adventures by doing the same thing. He also gives the time using a 24-hour clock: 01:00 hours is one o’clock in the morning, 12:00 hours is noon, 24:00 hours is midnight. In a land where the sun can shine brightly almost 24 hours a day during the summer months, Jon found that this was the easiest way to remember when it was time to go to sleep!

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