APRIL, 2009

© Carla Viniferi





World is awash with words for better or for worse. I read everything that pops into my vision. I also write my share. Poetry Sheet is intended as an inexpensive, quick-to-read monthly publication for your reading pleasure born of my passion for words. Read it while you are downloading, on the mobile while the laundry is drying, and gentlemen, read it to your dates, they'll be impressed. Ponder, puzzle, and possess. And for godssakes, read it OUT LOUD!!


So why poetry? Because in our blessed digital age that gives us an easy access platforms like this one, our desires for intimate contacts are being met through virtual connection, virtual intimacy of e-mails and text messages with hardly any warmth or contents. What if we can bring back the passion and heat of raw emotions into the modern communication? Words release. Poetic words, ten ordinary words condensed into one, they release like sex. When you come across the right poem, right words, all the feelings and thoughts hitherto undefined, unreleased, unrealized yet burning their way through your psyche become unleashed. "Un-" becomes "-ING."   


For the time being, all poems are my original works. Eventually I hope to throw in an occasional poem by other writers and artists in hopes of raising awareness regarding lesser known poets and their works.  


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