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Siren’s Captor

Larisa Anderson

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Copyright 2012 Larisa Anderson

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Chapter 1

Margie feels the vein in her neck pulse with each heartbeat as her senses seek men to fill her bed. The heat in her core burns for male flesh, for the pleasure of being filled and cherished.

The sand glimmers beneath her feet from the light of the broken moon, its pieces strewn across the sky in a belt stretching from the peak of the cliffs to the edge of the earth. Its milky white dust spans the black starless expanse. Shimmers of light cover her skin from the ocean’s glassy surface, making her appear like a mirage to passersby. In a way, she is just that.

Her head turns quickly to the side again as a scent catches her delicate nose. A shape of a man, no a daemon, moves up the beach. Margie knows this daemon. Her lover, come to claim her as he has in years past. She can see him properly now, cutting an impressive figure in the dim light as he moves, faster than a human, up the beach. His shape appears to flicker as he walks, moving forward several meters at a time to speed his passage.

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