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Pranic Healing: Healing Therapy for Mind and Body – Special Edition Natural Healing to Harmonize and Transform your Body’s Energy & Health

Amelia Lourdes

Copyright 2011 by Amelia Lourdes

Smashwords Edition


This book is dedicated to The Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

Without who none of this would be possible


Pranic Healing is a principle based on the structure of your body. However, while other traditional healing methods are based on treating the body of the patient, pranic healing is based on the invisible energy emanated by the body.

Pranic Healing is a proven and highly effective system of energy power developed by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui that uses natural prana to re- balance the body’s life energy. This energy keeps the body functioning as it should do and as it was designed to, in order to maintain a state of good health. This has been a common belief in Asia for centuries. In fact, it is believed that the invisible energy called the bioplasmic body is more important for treating diseases than the physical body.

This book covers the basics and usage of Pranic Healing and how, with little effort or practice, you can learn how to use the natural healing energy we all possess to cure and heal yourself, friends and family.

Chapter 1
The Basics and the Principles of Prana

What is Pranic healing?

The pranic healing system is a complex program developed with the purpose of preserving your health, for personal development and also for spiritual evolution. The system has at its base the teachings of the Master Choa Kok Sui. Those three main directions of developing make pranic healing:

- A healing system

-An educational system

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