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-A modern system working with the body energies

Pranic as a healing system

The first spiritual lesson that we have to learn is to assume the responsibility of our own health. The physical body has the purpose of sustaining the soul, and it also the foundation that you can use to develop the superior characteristics: mental, emotional and spiritual. As we evolve, it is needed for the body to sustain stronger vibrations.

The pranic healing is based on three simple rules of nature, known for years and attested by old manuscripts, using the energy transfer to obtain a state of health. The method is adopted by the modern people, and as any spiritual teaching, it is simple, clear and efficient. You can easily learn it and practice it, no matter what your education is. The purpose is for every man to become his or hers own healer, and also to give access to the superior levels of evolution.

For Pranic healing, the protocol system specific to any disease is used with excellent results by medics and therapeutic specialists. Pranic Healing removes the energetic medicine for the sphere of superstitions and mysticism, making an important step to the medicine of the future.

The Principles of Pranic Healing

1. The self-healing principle

We are programmed to be healthy. The body has the capacity of healing itself if the energetic blockings are removed.

2. The principles of vital energy

Transferring the prana (vital energy), we can accelerate the healing speed of the body. Prana acts like a catalyze that stimulates the bio-chemical reactions helpful for the healing process.

Pranic healing as an educational system

As an educational system, pranic healing represents a true science of spirituality, which begins with healing the physical body, and develops the qualities and the powers of the superior powers later: emotional, mental, spiritual.

Pranic Healing tries to equilibrate the material and spiritual exigencies. As the Master Choa Kok Sui liked to say, the man needs both wings to fly: the physical integrity in the material world, and the awareness of the fact that he or she is a spiritual being that lives a human experience.

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