No, she couldn’t do that; they’d think she was chickening out. She’d never live it down.

A cool gust of wind rushed by. Looking down at her shirt, Lisa could see her hard nipples pressed against her bra. If she was going to last, she needed to find some shelter.

The first squat stone mausoleum was locked. Grabbing the bars of the door, she rattled them and cursed under her breath. The next one, as well as the one after that were locked too. Just as Lisa was thinking of finding a large headstone to crouch behind, she spotted it. A few rows away, there was another crypt. It hadn’t been kept up, with its crumbling walls, but the door stood ajar.

She rushed over, the firm cheeks of her ass flexing, and grabbed the door grate. The metal whined as she heaved it open, making a sound not unlike a scream. Flinching at the noise, Lisa hurried in out of the wind.

In the shadows, she could just make out the large stone sarcophagus in the middle of the floor. A few stray beams of moonlight filtered in through a small grated window near the ceiling.

Lisa sat with her back against the cold, hard stone of the tomb. She wondered if there was decent phone reception out there. She could tweet about how bored she was. That brought a smile to her full, pretty lips.

She arched up, pulling her phone from her pocket. The screen lit up, then died. Finger on the power button, she frowned. It had just been charged. It was no use; no matter how long or hard she pressed, the phone stayed off.

“Damn it...” Lisa said. The phone was only a few weeks old. Could it be a lemon?

A hot breath blew down the back of her neck.


In her panic, she dropped her phone. It cracked when it hit the floor. Lisa shot to her feet, looking around. Her tits rose and fell quickly as her heat jumped in her chest.

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