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Vampire Reverse Rape

~ Male Hunter x Female Vamp ~

By Pen Penguin

Copyright 2012 Pen Penguin

Smashwords Edition


In the pitch-black night, the vampire hunter slid silently into the lair of the vampire. An abandoned warehouse in the middle of the city. With so many other buildings like it, it was the perfect hideout for her. Yes, it had taken considerable effort for him to track her all the way to this location. She was careful, always targeting lone victims, covering her tracks. By the time anyone realized, she'd have long escaped into the night. In this way, she's fed on dozens upon dozens of victims. But this time, she had slipped up. Someone had seen her returning to her lair. That person probably did not realize it, but he had narrowly escape a cruel and terrible fate. And thanks to his report, perhaps many more will be saved.

Contrary to popular belief, the worst time to attack a vampire is actually during the day, when they're asleep. Vampires have long since realized how vulnerable they were during this time. Therefore, any vampire worth their salt would have all kinds of traps and protective measures up while they slept. Their mindless servants, humans entranced into slavery, would be on guard, ready to awaken their master at a moment's notice. In such a massive warehouse, it would be impossible for him to corner her in a straight-on fight. There were too many places to hide away from the sun, and too many places where there may be traps in waiting. Quite the opposite in fact, he would quickly find the roles reversed, with him as the prey and her, the hunter.

"Ugh, this really isn't ideal at all, is it? But I guess it can't be helped."

There had not been much time to prepare. So many factors were involved, that the vampire hunter had no choice but to rush. During the day, he had investigated, to ensure the vampire really was using this warehouse as a hideout. This was not an easy task. For one, he could not even enter the building. All he could really do was scope out the perimeter from a safe distance. If any of the vampire's slaves saw anyone suspicious wandering the vicinity, they would report it to her, and she would abandoned this hideout. He would have to start his hunt over from scratch.

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