How to Write and Sell Computer Books

By Ted Padova

May 2010

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When I began writing, first journal articles and later computer books, I had to learn much by trial and error. I didn’t have resources for expert guidance and I didn’t have a book that detailed what prospective authors need to know.

With an almost 20-year experience in working with computer book publishers, I believe I’ve accumulated some knowledge that can be helpful for today’s new authors. If you’ve tossed around in your head the idea of writing a computer book, many concepts articulated in this book can help you save time, money, and provide a road map for entering the world of computer book publishing.

I haven’t worked with every computer book publisher, but I have experience with several. Publishers vary a bit in methods but there are many specific issues related to writing non-fiction that applies to all authors. Hopefully you’ll find in this book an understanding for what it takes to author computer books, learn how to deal with publishers, how to negotiate contracts, learn some pitfalls to avoid, and help you start on a road to success for a new part time endeavor.

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