by Lori R. Lopez

All rights reserved

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This is a work of fiction.

Copyright © 2012 by Lori R. Lopez

Front Cover Illustration by Lori R. Lopez

Smashwords Edition

IN THE REALM of the macabre lurk many spirits, creatures known to us as Night Frights — preying upon insomniacs, restless dreamers, villains, pettier criminals, and all who dare stay up too late.

Gillian Goode was a Night Owl. It wasn’t that she couldn’t sleep or needed to keep awake. She simply hated to waste time. Detested turning in, turning off the lights. Loathed sleeping when there were so many fascinating things to be done.

That, and she was afraid of the dark.

Had been since she was a tyke. But who could blame her, living within sight and sound of the burg’s scariest element? The windmill dominated the edge of an adjacent property, a condemned farmhouse populated by web-weaving generations of arachnids and not a few spooks.

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