Boredom Poetry

By Kennie Kayoz

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Coyotes Publishing

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Complete Boredom

Here I sit, alone in the room.
Silence all around me.
No matter what I do it doesn't seem fun.
As I stand still the world whips around me
I've always played catch up.
In school, in life.
Nothing seems to grab my attention anymore.
Nothing seems to excite me anymore.

I continue to roam this earth like a broken man.
Looking for what once made him whole.
Nobody seems to notice.
Nobody seems to care.

One minute you see me sitting up.
Next thing I'm laying down not a sound is heard.

Heavy breathing if you move in closer.

Sleep is what I always seem to do.
One of my favourite things to do, to past the time.
Sitting around zoning out to the flickering light of the TV.
Not sure which movie or show is on, I've lost interest in it.

- Kennie -

What The World Does

I hate the world I live in.

Women walk down the street looking like hoes.

They say they're all dressed up but what they got on doesn't hide it shows.

Everything they got.

I can tell you ain't wearing a bra.

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