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“Sure, Jack. You always were a good worker. I would be more than happy too.” I said with sincerity.

“Great Pam. Thanks! I’ll let you know when the court date is. I should find out this week. I better go and let you get back to work now.” Jack said getting up and walking out of the door.

“Okay, Jack. It was so nice seeing you again,” I ex­claimed! “Call me!”

“I will,” Jack assured me as he left my office. I quietly returned to my work and my radio listening.

The week went by and the dreaded weekend was upon me again. I just stayed at home. I mowed the yard, and washed the cars. Then I realized something was missing, the boat, my 32’ Sea Ray. I forgot all about it. Ralph took it to a boat shop to be repaired. He never told me which one!

“Oh, man,” I thought. “Where is my boat?” I had to think where had Ralph taken the boat before. I drove around town by all of the boat repair shops. I asked some people that Ralph associated with regarding the boat, they hadn’t seen it nor did they know where it might be. I went back home to rethink of where it might be. I stood outside in the driveway trying to remember places Ralph took the boat.

“I can’t believe I don’t know where my boat is. I hope someone calls me when it is done. How unbelievable.” I thought. “How can I not know where my own boat is?” I looked up and yelled up at the sky in a fit of rage to Ralph, “Where is the boat? I can’t believe you are not here to take care of the boat! Why aren’t you here?”

I walked down by the lake and out on the dock. The sun was finishing the day by sinking into the horizon of the lake and the land. The sky was red and reflected on the lake. The lake and sky were made of streaks of red and orange with the black shadows of the trees on the banks separating them made the sky look like a big orange sunburst. It was beautiful. It was as if I was looking at the world through a ruby. I couldn’t un­derstand how a God that can make something so beautiful and cause so much pain at the same time. It was like looking at the mirror image of my pierced, bleeding heart that was bursting with pain everywhere. My heart was truly broken.

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