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This book is dedicated to everyone who wants to change their life for the better. The words in this book are written to help us all to grow, change and to evolve. I strongly suggest that you read this book from start to finish and then practice the exercises and affirmations within it. Please be patient with yourself and make some time. Thank you.

Now we all have a story. Many stories actually.

The story of how we came into this world, the story of our life up to this point in time and stories about the experiences that we have.

Good stories and the not so good stories.

That is what we identify ourselves with and the words in this particular story are a part of your story right now.

I am acknowledging you as a person, as a spirit having a physical experience on this great planet that we call Earth.

Whether you have suffered a little or a lot, I have felt inspired to share these words with you.

Knowing and hoping for you that within these pages you will find some comfort.

Also to be able to bring about some change with the circumstances in your life and for you to begin enjoying your life existence more and to bring about belief and faith within yourself which we all deserve to have.

I am certain that it will help you very much. Just set aside some time in this busy fast paced world that we live in to read absorb and enjoy the content within its pages.

Now I feel that we all have a soul purpose in life and it is to teach ourselves and others how to grow evolve and sometimes change always for the better. Even though it may not seem that way, it's like a learning journey and the life force is connected through us and to the animals and to nature.

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