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Previously in Heaven Bent: In a sub-basement in Byzantine's mansion, Stag finds a laptop loaded with secrets, protected by guardian zombies. As the misty entities who led him there hold the zombies at bay, Stag discovers the harsh truth behind the Heaven where he's trapped: it isn't the afterlife at all, but a remote compound paid for by ultra-rich conspirators. Through the Rapture Program, they fake the deaths of superstar entertainers like Stag and tuck them away for private performances. Knowing all this, Stag sets out to save the Rapture's next targets--U4, the biggest rock band in the world. Encouraged by rebel King of Pop M.J., he lures Byzantine to the jungle Bestiary instead of killing him in cold blood...but when they get there, Heaven's domes come under attack. The Bestiary's pens malfunction and open wide, and Stag finds himself staring up at a monstrous maw packed with concentric rings of jagged teeth...

Teeth gleaming in the moonlight, the creature bellowed and lunged. I flung myself to one side, barely rolling out of the way in time.

As the beast came down hard on a mouthful of dirt, I finally got a look at more than its teeth. It was some kind of giant shark thing with a rubbery black hide, mounted on hyper-muscular Tyrannosaurus Rex-style legs.

Adrenaline blazing through my bloodstream, I scrambled to my feet and whipped around to run away. But I only managed to take two steps before the ground shook from another distant blast. I tumbled awkwardly off my feet, ending up in a tangled pile of limbs.

Then, I heard the shark-thing's familiar bellow and looked up to see it charging toward me. There was another explosion from the direction of the domes, the biggest yet, but I paid no attention; all I could focus on at that moment was the massive, toothy maw hurtling toward me. I hadn't been dead when I'd first come to Heaven, but it looked like I was finally going to get that way.

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