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"Jess!" I called. She caught sight of me and made her way over.

"Hi." She grinned and we shook hands. "Hi Nick." I could smell perfume on her; a scent that reminded me vaguely of apples.

I wasn't really used to having a girl around in the flat, but I figured that we knew each other already and so she wouldn't mind the mess. I had done my best to tidy up, but the place was still out of order. Jess, however, didn't seem to notice.

"So you, like, moved here out of school?" She gazed around, and then went over and slumped down on the sofa.

"Pretty much."

"Cool." And just like that, she'd moved in. It didn't take more than a day for her stuff to appear in the bathroom. I guess because we'd known each other for most of our lives, it didn't feel so weird.

During the day I would go off to work, and Jess would head out to her interviews or whatever it was she did. By the time I returned she'd usually be back in front of the TV, or reading in the kitchen. Often, she'd have stripped down to just a t-shirt and panties. She didn't make an issue of it, and I decided not to either. After all, I figured it was a sign of trust.

One night, as I was finishing up on some design work on the computer, she wandered in and hovered behind my seat.

"I'm bored, Nick," she said. "Just bored, you know?"

"Any luck with the job hunting?"

"Not much. You mind if I watch you work?"

"Go ahead."

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