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Scutters ran along his pipe until he reached the juncture. The golden hamster twitched his nose and proceeded to the left. The yellow pipe bounced with each step as he made his way down the pipe. Little Jimmy reached in and snatched him out as soon as he emerged into the compartment the pipe was connected to. Little Jimmy was treated with a nasty bite for his little indiscretion. Scutters fell from little jimmies hands onto the floor where he skittered away!!!

“Jimmy!!! Catch that nasty rat!!!” Jimmy looked at his mother and shook his head as he sucked on his freshly bitten finger.

“Jeez, Mom!!” where’d he go? Little Jimmy’s eyes scanned the room until they rested on the propped open front door.

“MA, it got out!

Scutters ran along the side of the house and made good his escape. Little Jimmy had been a brat and deserved a bite or two. But now this sewer pipe clean out stuck open out of the ground provided a tunnel into the dark odorous mysterious underground.

Jed Franklin, driving his honey-wagon turned a corner sharply and felt the large tank of sewage slosh dangerously to the side. The large truck’s tires chirped on the asphalt, vying for purchase against the momentum of the freshly pumped sewage. He had never pumped at that weird man’s house before. He actually stood and watched as Jed pulled the septic tank lid and began sucking. Jed had been doing this for years but that was the first time he had encountered a stench like that. The man smiled as the sucking hose jumped and lurched in Jed’s hands as it pumped. Damn it had felt hot!! He paid in cash and disappeared back into his house. This load rode different Jed had been driving for years and knew how loads felt and this one felt different. It didn’t seem to flow and slosh so easily almost sluggish.

Jed hoped this shit wouldn’t ruin Farmer Jack’s crops but a deals a deal and jed had to dump it somewhere, the treatment plant was too expensive to drop sewage so Jed made a deal with Farmer Jack to dump his load on the back forty. Then Jed’s mind swayed to sweet Maria at the bar and her low cut blouses, damned if they didn’t get lower and lower. Jed hadn’t seen the golden retriever until the last second.

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