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UNTAMABLE ROGUE, The Rogues Club, Book Four

Ashford Blackburne, Fifth Earl of Blackburne, does not care where he marries and plants his seed, so long as he does both before Christmas when his tyrannical grandfather’s archaic ultimatum runs out. Jilted, drunk, and challenged to a high-stakes poker game, Ash loses the game, but wins the consolation prize: a guttersnipe bride and a wedding at gunpoint. For her part, Larkin McAdams has loved Ashford Blackburne since she was a child. She’ll make him a good wife. She does not need much—a cot, a warm blanket ... a monthly bath.




Review Quotes for UNTAMABLE ROGUE (Formerly: A Christmas Baby):

Annette Blair is a master artist in the world of romantic fiction. A strong plot provides the canvas for her compelling characters. Vivid settings and engaging minor characters beautifully augment the portrait. Fascinating subplots add depth. Spicy sexual encounters supply bold strokes, which are contrasted by one of the blackest dark moments ever painted with words. A romantic masterpiece.” —

Had me laughing out loud. Larkin is much like Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady. She is bold, feisty, longs to be educated ... and watching her transformation is delightful. I have heard raves over Annette Blair’s writing, but this is my first experience. I am thrilled to have found her.” —Tracy, Roundtable Reviews

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