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Magical Breast Growth

A Doctor Alto Story

by Jane Somerset

Copyright Jane Somerset 2012

Published at Smashwords

Dr. Alto's Curious Thrift Store is a place where fantasies come true. Everything they sell can fulfill a person's unique desire... and countless customers have had their dreams come true after purchasing a special item. This is a story of one such customer.

* * *

Melissa sighed, turning around in front of the mirror. She was trying on clothes in Dr. Alto's Curious Thrift Store – an odd name for a store, but they always had the neatest things. They had endless aisles full of interesting trinkets and a nice selection of women's clothing that they got from god-knows-where. But no matter how nice the clothes, Melissa always had the same problem – her breasts.

To call them small was to be kind. Melissa's breasts were practically non-existent. She'd never developed much more than a nipple, and her lack of development had always left her with low self-esteem. She'd rarely been teased for her tiny titties in high school, but she'd never attracted the attention of boys the way the other girls had.

Now she was working in a call center and she was still having problems attracting men. She had a major crush on one of her coworkers, Steve. He was a handsome young man who was wasting his talents in the call center just like her. But no matter how much time she spent with him, she could never make anything happen. She'd thought about implants, but there was no way she could ever afford them. Finally she had decided to try a new approach – dressing sexier. So she was in the thrift shop looking for new outfits. But no matter what she tried on, she couldn't get over the fact that her chest was as flat as a boy's.

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