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Sex Over The Stars

By Polera North

Copyright 2012 Polera North

Smashwords Edition

The unaided human eye can, in total darkness, see a single lit candle roughly three and a half miles away. Kurt stared at the amber end of his lit cigarette and wondered if the people on the farm in the distance could see it, the only point of light within miles other than the stars above. He took a drag and leaned over the balcony railing, two cars were left in the observatory parking lot, his Civic and Karen's Saturn. Truly, being an astronomer had brought him the wealth and prestige he'd dreamed of in his youth. He, officially Dr. Kurt Warner and Karen, officially Dr. Karen Frazier worked for the University of Kansas in Topeka, but for their current project brought them to Gaye Observatory in southern Colorado, the current resting place of a series of glass astronomical charts made in the mid-1800s. The idea was, in short, by studying these finely detailed maps of the sky, and comparing them to modern charts of the same areas in excruciating detail, they could see which areas held interesting phenomena, compare them to how they were depicted in the older charts, then have an idea of where to look in the sky for as-yet-undiscovered phenomena. Hours of tedious, minute observation and record keeping for the possibility of discovery was the stuff science was made of.

Kurt flicked the spent butt of his cigarette over the railing, the glowing dot spiraling slowly as it fell the many stories to the ground. As he did, the steel door behind him opened. Outlined in the fluorescent light was a short, though shapely, woman with a stark bob haircut. “Kurt, our appointed break time expired two minutes and thirty seconds ago, we must return to work.”

“Yeah,” Kurt said with a sigh, “I'm right behind you.”

Karen turned and started down the hall, Kurt following. “I realize that it is quite late, and we are both suffering from low energy levels. I have prepared coffee for us to help our productivity.”

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