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What readers are saying about Boracic Lint

This is one of the most downright enjoyable pieces of writing I have seen. It is just hilarious. There is also an elegance to your writing that gives an addictive quality that the reader is transfixed with. This is both belly laugh humour and extremely subtle and I salute you. Carl.Martin,

It's funny that you use the word Dickensian to describe the agent, because that's how I feel about your book. It could be a modern Pickwick Papers with a host of mad characters , humour and vibrancy. This is so very much my sort of book but I thought they didn't write them like this anymore. Lynn

This is absolutely hysterical - so well written and so easy to read! You have a true gift for characterisation - so much so that I was imagining stars in the movie version! Liz

It gives me a new take on the man behind the suit. All in all, this reminds me of Confederacy of Dunces. Your protagonist has a little bit of Ignatius J. Reilly in him. The people he confronts during the job fit the scene so well. This is a hoot. I love it. Pete Williams

Boracic Lint


Martin Bryce


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