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The Perishing Land

W.E. Linde

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Copyright 2012 W.E. Linde

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Jon watched as his father Yosi hurried to finish the boat before the Sea swallowed them up. For a moment, Yosi paused from his work trying to get a rough hewn plank on the starboard ribs of the frame to line up with the one beneath it. Straightening his back, his father looked once more at the crashing waves hungrily devouring the beaches.

Jon looked as well. He squinted, and touched his forehead. No more sweat. He was parched. His throat felt raw and thick, his tongue swollen and gritty. Jon blinked through the hard sun, and looked at the waters again as they moved ever closer to the ancient ground where his family now stood, land which had not been touched by salt water for generations.

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