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Since they had to hide all of the time, they began to change. They got smaller and smaller, until they were no bigger than a little boy. A little boy like Sam.

Sam lived in a town where the weather changed with the seasons, so every fall his family would pack up all of their belongings and move way down south, where it would be warm in the winter.

Sam did not like moving south in the fall and back in the spring, so one day while his family was packing, he said to his mother, “I don't want to move south for the winter. I want to stay home.”

His mother told him, “No, we can’t stay because we would freeze to death.”

But Sam did not believe her because he had never been there when it was really cold out. Sam tried to convince his mother that it would be okay to stay. He said, “It really doesn't get cold. That’s just a myth, like dragons and unicorns.”

His mother asked him, “What makes you think unicorns and dragons are a myth?”

“The old men in the town square said it,” Sam replied.

“Well, the men in the town square don't always know what they are talking about. Unicorns and dragons are real and it gets very cold in the winter,” Sam's mother said.

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