The Skeletal Family

By Marcus D Barnes

A mid-level Fantasy Role-Playing Adventure

Copyright 2010 by Marcus D Barnes

Smashwords Edition

Players Introduction

You find yourselves at the Grey Mountain Inn, having a drink (or two). As you drain your goblet you see a glowing message ‘Arunal wishes to see you’ in the bottom. Discussing this with your companions you find that they all received the same message and are all wondering who Arunal is?

Luckily, the Barman knows the name very well and says:

Arunal was a powerful priest of Cygnus (God of Balance), who chose the path of solitude and retired to this lonely Mountain, taking with him only a few choice retainers and his Purple Dragon steed ‘Liss’. Since then he has only emerged from his lair when he felt a need to adjust the balance. He was last seen about 300 years ago and was said to be looking decidedly unwell.

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