*Alicia opened her eyes and stepped back, covering her mouth in fear.*

Alicia: "W-What-?!" (His Neurons!- Why isn't anyone here?!)

Lance: "Gah-" *He sighed in pain, causing Alicia to overcome her hesitation.*

Alicia: *She stepped forward, straightening her arms over Lance.* "With the divine power of the holy spirits, scattering light, HEALING RINGS"

*Two rings of pure light spiralled around Lance's bed, lighting up the entire room.*

Lance: "Ghmm." *He rocked his head to each side.* (It's-.. Getting warm.)

Alicia: *She focused on the light, watching her arms start to shake.* (I remember when holding my Healing Rings for six seconds would make me fall unconscious. Although this is a struggle, it's not that hard to heal anymore.)

Lance: *He stopped fidgeting and sighed in relief, slowly opening his eyes.* "W-Who? The room is moving." *He whispered under his breath, glancing to each side in a dizzy-like state.*

Alicia: *She happily sighed, cupping her pendant in excitement.* (He's awakening!)

Lance: *He looked at Alicia, watching the light spiral around her.* "A-An angel?"

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