*A faint glow from the stones around Lance's bed caught Alicia's attention.*

Alicia: "L-Lance?" *She leant up, trying to get a better look at Lance.*

*Lance started to shake in pain, causing the stones to change colour.*

Alicia: *She gasped with widening eyes, struggling to lift herself out of bed.* "L-Lance! Are you awake?"

Lance: *He gasped with twitching arms and legs, breathing heavily through his mouth.* "Ah-"

Alicia: *She coughed and stood by Lance's bedside.* (He's unconscious. I will check his condition just to be safe.) *She closed her eyes, causing her pendant to glow.*

*Alicia opened her eyes and stepped back, covering her mouth in fear.*

Alicia: "W-What-?!" (His Neurons!- Why isn't anyone here?!)

Lance: "Gah-" *He sighed in pain, causing Alicia to overcome her hesitation.*

Alicia: *She stepped forward, straightening her arms over Lance.* "With the divine power of the holy spirits, scattering light, HEALING RINGS"

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