Alicia: "L-Lance." *She smiled at Lance, admiring his face.*

Lance: *He took a deep breath, pushing himself up.* "A-Alicia? Is that you?" *He stared into her eyes, watching the spiralling light shine on them.*

Alicia: "You were, umm-" *She looked away and lowered her arms, causing the light to dissipate.* "Sick."

Lance: "Thanks." *He chuckled, looking down to his lap.*

Alicia: "Huh?" *She spoke in confusion.*

Lance: "Wat is it?"

Alicia: "N-No dopey cow? Or anything?" *She awkwardly smiled, biting her bottom lip.*

Lance: *He smirked, looking up with a serious face.* "You.. Didn't have to heal me." *He reached forward, grabbing her hand.*

Alicia: "I-I would do it for anyone, besides, I'm guessing those Self-inflicting Glyphs damaged your Neuronic-"

Lance: *He closed his eyes, shaking his head.* "No-" *He opened his eyes and leant forward, staring at Alicia face to face.*

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