I have been an avid practitioner of meditation all throughout the course of this particular lifetime. Over the years, I have encountered numerous styles of meditation from books, from persons and on my own. I am a very creative person and tend to improvise. I developed these styles on my own, guided by an Internal Guide. I gradually developed a number of methods that enabled me to find what I call “Deep Space”, a deeper state of consciousness than the usual everyday consciousness where one is simply tending to activities of daily living. I became inspired to share these methods with the public at large, even to the extent of offering this absolutely free on the public internet. I hope that these do something for you.

The first question one might have is: Why bother? What good is it to just sit still for a prescribed period? This does not seem to “accomplish” anything. We are used to doing a number of activities every day. Just sitting is the very opposite of this. Is there any practical reason to meditate? In this action-based culture, meditation seems to be a complete waste of time!

On a very basic level, sitting still and breathing deeply is very good for your health. It lowers your adrenaline level, it makes you calmer, it slows down your heart rate and blood pressure. Once you get the hang of it, it is a much safer alternative than tranquilizers such as Valium, without the danger of addiction. Indeed, once you get good at this, you will find this a pleasantly “addictive” activity in itself!

Meditation is excellent therapy for those with anxiety disorders and other forms of mental imbalance. It enables one to calm down and sort out some of the problems which usually cause stress and depression.

As you learn to go within, you may spontaneously experience “insights”, creative solutions to your day to day problems or problems you are trying to solve in your workplace, your relationships, problems in society as a whole. By calming down and letting go of your problems, you may discover solutions that you may had never discovered otherwise. That “lightbulb” flashes in your brain, that magical moment of “AHA!”

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