The Course of the Gods

By Marcus D Barnes

A mid-level Fantasy Role-Playing Adventure

Copyright 2012 by Marcus D Barnes

Smashwords Edition

Players Introduction

You have been summoned, as a group, to the small fishing port of Sansal Dmind by Demaria, a powerful and respected Enchantress. Upon your arrival you are escorted by a small (and somewhat shabby) group of militiamen to her tower, situated on the hill overlooking the port. You are ushered respectfully into a well-furnished and spacious lower chamber “to await her lady’s presence, there are two tables present and each supports wine, ale and fine food and you may partake of some refreshments if you so desire’.

After twenty minutes or so a beautiful woman enters the room, through an internal wall (Phase Door) and instructs the guards to leave the chamber and guard it from intrusion. Demaria, for it is she, then introduces herself and apologises for detaining you, she then asks for individual introductions.

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